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   \\ the body \\ performance \\ technology \\ behaviour \\


SOMA combines an interest in artistic practice that examines performativity and human behaviour through everyday technology. SOMA aims to be inclusive, share knowledge and create new aesthetic experiences. SOMA will work with a series of Associates experts in order to produce innovative performative audience centered events.

Creative Directors

Sonya Russell-Saunders & Martin Prosser

SOMA Associates

Ana Rutter

Dr Neal Spowage and Danai Pappa 

Jess Campbell

Rosella Galindo 

April Brunt

Future Associates

Tim Hodgson

Anais Lalange

Alicia Kidman

Performative Curation Fusion De Fusion 2016 


The culmination of 6 months research and collaboration, in relation to the New Art West Midlands Curatorial Development Bursary. This film formed part of a presentation at Ikon Gallery Birmingham, 27 September 2016. 



Sonya Russell-Saunders, Martin Prosser, Ana Rutter, Rosella Galindo, Neal Spowage, Danai Pappa, Jess Campbell

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