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Article Off-site - 7 Disorderly Dramas

Article is a project and exhibition space based in Birmingham School of Art. Article's focus is to present art professionals who explore and critically engage with current curatorial debates and practices within wider Art production. Article is an experimental space and showcases the best local, national and international art producers. Article is free and is open to the public. Please look at our website for opening times.


Article Off-Site is devised as a temporary staged theatre event with live performance, video projection and installation.

For 6 hours you will see a series of 7 Disorderly Dramas, Acts that are interspersed with Intermissions and intervals when the performance of constructing and staging each work as it is installed is revealed before your eyes. The selected works all adopt aspects of theatricality, from staging within the work, use of props, costume wearing and dressing up as part of character development, influenced by the histories of performance in film and in art


7 Disorderly Dramas


Act 1  1.00PM Bow Master (2015) (performance Tadas Stalyga and Matt Springer with Andy Ingamells 


Intermission 1.50pm Din and Ding (2012) (video, 6mins 21 secs) Robert Foster


Act 2 2.10pm The Rise And Fall of Buster Keaton/Sculptural Screen (2015) David Poole (video and installation, 3mins 46secs (looped)


Intermission 2.45pm Shelling It Out (2015) Robert Foster


Act 3  3 . 0 0 pm Zero Hours (2015) (performance) Paul Newman and David Miller


Intermission 3:50pm Danny-Boy (video, 3 mins) Moya Canes


Act 4 4.00PM Dorothy (2013) (video 64mins) Dan Auluk


Act 5 5.10pm Out of Ashes (2015) (performance) Robert Foster


Act 6 6.10PM The Bull Ring Matador (2015) Frederick Hubble


Act 7 The END

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