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the whole is greater than the sum of its parts 


ARTicle Gallery & The Vaults, August 2012 


the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, is a combination of visual, live and participatory art practices. The curatorial approach is both site and context specific, exploring a white cube gallery environment, offsite location and audience behaviours.  the whole is greater than is a group show of six artists with diverse practices, The Hoo-Ha Initiative, Elena Cassidy-Smith, Kate Spence, Abigail Duffty, Ole Hagen and Martin Bardell. There is no tangible connection between each artist, other than an openness to work in an experimental way. This is an attempt to insert a non-narrative structure akin to the proposal by theatre director Richard Foreman


The Museum of [        ] Objects


Co-curated with Mona Casey

mac birmingham, March-September 2012


The Museum of [            ] Objects is a curatorial strategy aimed at generating a new art collection for a limited period of time.


Each of the artists participating in Museum, have been invited to submit an object, text, video, performance, or other outcome which will be displayed on a particular week within the Allotments time frame, starting in March and running until the beginning of September. The artists selected for Museum are based on subjective rationales and choices, related to the collective curatorial group.

The process will entail the display of a singular work each week with an accompanying descriptive text written by the artist. The curator is removed from the process of interpreting the work, promoting the artists as definer, of their own contribution. 

The Museum of [            ] Object’s, engages with museum display strategies that both emphasis the individual work over the collection and at particular times and in specific sites the collection takes precedence over the individual components. (Mona Casey)


Plot 1#  3 March - 28 April 2012

Chris Clinton, Rosemary Terry, Matt Webb, Michael Bold, Matt Westbrook, Jonathan Kelham and Elena Cassidy-Smith

Plot 2#  5 May - 30 June 2012

Paul Newman, Phil Thompson, Mona Casey, Grace Williams, Lisa Roffey, Adam Burton, Sara Dobson

#Plot 3 - 10 August - 9 September 2012 Christophe Dillinger, The Jackson Twins, David Cheeseman, Aylwin Greenwood-Lambert, Mel Brimfield, Joanne Humel-Newell, Martin Bardell, Matt Smith


Yesterdays Confusion is Todays Curiosity 


Sara Dobson, The Wig,  April 2013


"I realise that I don’t look at the world as I once did… through my artwork I hold on to child-like curiosities and find enchantment in the little things as I did when I looked through the kaleidoscope as a child"

Through an intensive four week residency at The Wig, Sara Dobson has created a large scale site specific response to the interior of Great Tindal Street. Through the concept of a broken kaleidoscope she explores her child-like wonder in perceived imperfections, of creating pattern and images and noticing the overlooked. Through expanded collage and drawing techniques she has created a large scale immersive environment, inspired by a sense of place. The audience is invited to notice details and to see through Sara’s eyes. The residency is both a conclusion and a starting point, a conduit for Sara’s on going professional artistic development.

Sara Dobson is a graduate in Fine Art at Birmingham City University achieving a number of prizes including the Drawing Installation Prize by Associated Architects, Birmingham. Further details of Sara’s work can be found

Yesterdays confusion is today’s curiosity is curated by Sonya Russell-Saunders in association with The Wig and features a special presentation by Rose Williams 

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